Ansel Adams said that the single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it. Fortunately, I've had a few nice people in front of my camera who were kind enough to let me take a few shots of them. Here are just a few of the nice folks I've recently met and the photos I ended up with. (I have a few thousand more, just ask).

Ahmed White, San Francisco Jui-Jitsu Champion
Gina Sudaria, San Francisco Jui-Jitsu Champion
Travis Magalit, San Francisco Jui-Jitsu champion & Dojo owner
Dale H., Future La Crosse Pro
Scott Cassell, Oceanic Explorer, Founder of the Undersea Explorer Project
Lonnie Morris, 41 years into a life sentence, San Quentin Prison
David R., future Olympic swimmer
Connor S., California Closets, future clothing designer
Elaine, dog lover
Marv Mitch & Lonnie Morris, Lifers, San Quentin State Prison
Scott Cassell, undersea explorer, submarine pilot
Landon P., competitive swimmer, headed for the Olympics
Jackson P., Landon's brother, also headed for the Olympics (2 years earlier)
Walter Kissinger, Arabian horse breeder
CD Madsen, 99, lifetime golfer
United States Navy Admiral Thomas Lynch
Dale S., Veteran, proud award recipient
Jerry South, President, United States Bocce Federation
Two seniors, one scarf.